Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Today ...

How Is My Life Right Now?
If I Got Asked That Question ...
I Wouldn't Know How To Answer It.

I Would Say ;
It's Life Though The Better
Or The Worse.

Yes, I Know And Quite Understand
That, That Is What You Say 
When You Are About To Get Married.

A Vow Or Something.
I Don't Really Believe In Love,
Nor Do I Believe In Getting Married.

Stressful Is How I See It.
Something Everyone Wants 
But Later On They Regret.

Life Today ...
How Is My Life Right Now?

Everything I Want It To Be?

More Like Stressful,
Crazy &
Sometimes Simply Amazing.

Don't Get My Started On How Amazing 
My Life ...
Can Sometimes Be.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice Jordan. I like what you said about...How is my life right now? Especially the line...Sometimes Simply Amazing.

    I added myself as a follower. Stop by my blog. I write some poetry also.

    Blessings in Him